What is a reader doing when they are delineating an argument?(1 point)

analyzing the claim and evidence

revising the claim and evidence i think this one

recommending the claim and evidence

peer reviewing the claim and evidence

What is an opposing claim?(1 point)

a claim supporting the author's claim

an introduction to a claim

facts that support a claim

a claim countering the author's claim i think this one

How can text features help the reader delineate an author's argument?(1 point)

Text features interest the reader.

Text features prove the author is lying to the reader.

Text features reveal the main points to the reader. i think this one

Text features persuade the reader.

Which statement is an example of a good piece of evidence?(1 point)

My family owns a dog.

I believe our local football team is the best.

Yellow is a calming color.

In a recent study, only 12% of students enjoy volunteering. i think this one

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  4. why aren't there any numbers and letters for these?

    1 = no

    2 = yes

    3 = yes

    4 = yes

    (I think)

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  5. Please help i am confused here is the question and answers

    In the past, the Kota spoke to the bones of their ancestors before making important decisions. They stored the bones in small baskets woven of rolls of bark or leaves. Sculpture such as this piece -- which is called a Kota funerary figure -- was tied to the top of the baskets. We are not certain what the figure meant to the Kota.
    Which text feature would best help the reader understand this excerpt?
    A. a sidebar about other African tribes
    B. a glossary to define the word "funerary"
    C. a graph showing the number of Kota sculptures
    D. a chapter heading to summarize the text

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  6. 1: What does delineate mean?

    To break down

    2: What is a reader doing when they are delineating an argument?

    Analyzing the claim and evidence

    3: What is an opposing claim?

    A claim countering the author’s claim

    4: How can text features help the reader delineate an author’s argument?

    Text features reveal the main points to the reader

    5: Which statement is an example of a good piece of evidence?

    In a recent study, only 12% of students enjoy volunteering.


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