Answer check!! Physics

1. Which change occurs as an object falls toward the surface of earth?
A. The force of gravity on the object decreases
B. The acceleration due to gravity decreases
C. The kinetic energy of the object decreases
D. The potential energy of the object decreases

2. Four balls that are identical in every way except for their color are held stationary at different heights above Earth's surface. The table shows the height of each ball.
Ball Color Heught(m)
------------- ---------------
Blue 1,300
Green 1,550
Red 1,275
Yellow 1,190

Which ball has the greatest potential energy due to the force of gravity?
A. The yellow ball
B. The red ball
C. The green ball
D. The blue ball

3. An electron is released from rest and allowed to accelerate toward a positively charged plate. Which statement describes what occurs as the electron accelerates?
A. Potential energy decreases, and the electrostatic force increases.
B. Both potential energy and the electrostatic force increase.
C. Both potential energy and the electrostatic force decrease.
D. Potential energy increases, and the electrostatic force decreases.

4. A model rocket uses an engine to provide thrust to launch the rocket into the air. The engine provides thrust for about one second, after which time the rocket continues on its upward trajectory until the force of gravity slows the rocket to a stop and then pulls it back to Earth. At which point is the gravitational potential energy of a rocket that has been launched from ground level the greatest?
A. at the moment right before the rocket returns to ground level
B. at the moment the rocket reaches the top of its trajectory
C. at the moment the engine burns out and no longer provides thrust
D. at the moment right before the launch

5. A researcher sets up an experiment consisting of a stationary charged particle and a second particle that is accelerating away from the stationary particle. Which statement about this experiment must be true?
A. The two charged particles have opposite charges
B. The kinetic energy of the accelerating particle is increasing
C. The potential energy of the accelerating particle remains constant
D. The electrostatic force between the particles is increasing

My answers
1. C
2. C
3. A
4. D
5. D

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  1. 1. Not C, since the velocity increases as it falls
    2. Not C. PE = mgh, so the highest ball has the greatest PE
    3. ok
    4. not D. See #2
    5. not D. See #1

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