language arts

What does the phrase author's purpose describe?

A. a thesis statement that makes a claim

B. the reason an author writes a text

C. the evidence an author gives to support his or her claim

D. the way an author feels about the topic of the text

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  1. What’s the answer?

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  2. 65 ppl saw this and ik they kno the answers spill it

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  3. Here ill help guys
    Q1:What does the phrase author's purpose describe?
    A1:the reason an author writes a text
    Q2:In an informational text, what is an author’s point of view?
    A2:the way an author feels about the topic of the text
    Q3:Why is it important to evaluate word choice when reading an informational text?
    A3:Words and phrases are carefully chosen to evoke a desired response in a reader.
    Q4:What is one thing a reader can do when assessing an article's credibility?
    A4:make sure that the author at least acknowledges other opinions on the issue
    Your welcome :)

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  4. RoyalbearLover13 Thanks your were I got a 100%:)

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  5. Thanks man!!!!!!!!!

    -Kirishima (aka Red Riot)

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  6. Thank you Royalbearlover :D

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