Language Arts

Why is it important to evaluate word choice when reading an informational text?(1 point)

Words or phrases might be carefully chosen to highlight the qualifications a writer has in a certain field.

The reader can use the words or phrases highlighted in a text to find the thesis.

A reader can learn the definitions of new words and phrases by reading an informational text.

Words and phrases are carefully chosen to evoke a desired response in a reader.***

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  1. correct.

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  2. So what’s the answer

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  3. The answer is the last one bc it has the “***”

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  4. I got an 100%!
    1. the reason an author writes a text
    2.the way an author feels about the topic of the text
    3.Words and phrases are carefully chosen to evoke a desired response in a reader.
    4.make sure that the author at least acknowledges other opinions on the issue.

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  5. You are so wrong on everything nice try

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  6. Okay so "hi" presented some answers that did not apply to our quiz.
    1. The reason the author writes the text
    2. The way an author feels about the text
    3. It can help a reader determine what an author wants them to learn from the text.
    4. Ask yourself, “What does the author want me to think about this topic?”


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  7. Yaaaa I got 100% Tysm

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