Physics Homework Check !!PLSS!!

1. Which list presents the four fundamental forces in order of relative strength from weakest to strongest?
A. electromagnetism, weak nuclear, gravitational, strong nuclear
B. gravitational, weak nuclear, electromagnetism, strong nuclear
C. weak nuclear, electromagnetism, gravitational, strong nuclear
D. weak nuclear, gravitational, strong nuclear, electromagnetism

2. Which equation shows the correct ratio of the gravitational force (FG) to the electrostatic force (FE)?
A. FG/FE=km1m2/Gq1q2
B. FG/FE=Gm1m2/Kq1q2
C. FG/FE=Kq1q2/Gm1m2
D. FG/FE=Gq1q2/Gm1m2

3. In an experiment, a physicist doubles the original distance between two charged particles. What happens to the ratio of the gravitational force to the electrostatic force between the two particles after the distance between them is doubled?
A. The ratio quadruples
B. The ratio becomes one fourth of what it was
C. The ratio becomes one half of what it was
D. The ratio remains constant

4. The mass of an electron is 9.109×10^−31 kg, and the magnitude of the charge of an electron is 1.602×10^−19 C. What is the ratio of the gravitational force to the electrostatic force between two electrons?
A. 4.165 X 10^42
B. 2.390 X 10^-43
C. 3.093 X 10^22
D. 3.233 X 10^-23

5. Two identical particles have the same mass and the same charge. The mass of each particle is 3.346×10^−27 kg. What is the charge on each particle if the ratio of the gravitational force to the electrostatic force is 1.619×10^−36?
A. 2.266 X 10^-19 C
B. 4.413 X 10^18 C
C. 5.135 X 10^-38 C
D. 1.947 X 10^37 C

My Answers
1. A
2. C
3. D
4. C
5. B

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  1. 1. Disagree on local scale. Gravity is weaker than electrostatic, unless your masses are huge. It is sort of an unanswerable question though.
    2. Disagree. G M1M2/ r^2 / k Q1Q2/r^2
    3. yes, 1/r^2 / 1/r^2 = 1
    4. well, remember problem 1 ? [7*10^-11*(81^10^-62)] /[9*10^9*(2.6*10^-38)]
    is about 2.4*10^-43
    5. now you do one

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