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Which statement is most supportive of the claim that genetic diversity is an advantage of sexual reproduction?

Genetic variation from sexual reproduction ensures that at least some individuals will have advantageous traits that help them survive.

Asexual reproduction results in the same genes being copied, which means the same vulnerabilities in the population.*******

Sexual reproduction creates genetic diversity, which results in a wide range of appearances in a population.

Lack of genetic diversity from asexual reproduction results in a diminished ability to survive changes to the environment.

What is the most likely explanation for a child exhibiting a heritable trait that neither parent exhibits?

The trait was passed on by a different biological parent, and one of the child's parents is not biologically related.

The trait was inherited from a more distant relative, like a great-grandparent.

The parents carried a second trait that masked the trait of interest.

The trait is recessive, so both parents carry it, and the child inherited each recessive allele.**********

Which statement has exceptions?

Sexual reproduction requires two parents, whereas asexual reproduction requires only one parent.

Sexual reproduction produces genetic variation, but asexual reproduction does not.

Sexual reproduction is more complex, while asexual reproduction is a simpler process.

Sexual reproduction involves parental care, while asexual reproduction does not.******

Assume a bacterial cell failed to replicate its DNA before it reproduced two daughter cells. The reproduction would result in

neither cell containing DNA.

both cells containing DNA.

one cell with DNA and one cell without DNA.*******

one cell with DNA and one cell with two sets of DNA.

A parent bacterial cell is able to survive in the presence of the antibiotic penicillin. Subsequent generations from this parent will be _______ penicillin.(1 point)

resistant to*****

killed by

dependent on

vulnerable to

Hydras are animals related to coral and jellyfish. Hydras can reproduce sexually or asexually. Why would hydras avoid reproducing asexually when conditions are difficult?

The lack of genetic diversity could mean that all of the hydras die, depending on the situation. ******

The high genetic diversity could mean that all of the hydras die, depending on the situation.

Reproducing more rapidly would be a good way to take advantage of plentiful resources.

Reproducing more slowly would be a good way to take advantage of plentiful resources.

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