1. What does a summary do?(1 point)
a. Includes the reader's own o
b. Adds more supporting details to a text pinions about the text
c. recaps the minor details in a text

d. Restates the most important information in a text
2.What characteristic does a summary have when compared to the original text?(1 point)

A summary is much longer.

A summary has more details.

A summary is much shorter.

A summary is the same in length.
3.What can writing a summary help you do? Select two answers.(1 point)

It can help you write your own paper about the text.

It can help you learn new vocabulary.

It can help you understand a text.

It can help you remember information from a text.

It can help you identify minor details.
4.Which information should be avoided when writing a summary? (1 point)

major details


minor details

the main idea
Which word correctly completes the following sentence?

Personal opinions make a summary _______. They are usually avoided so that the summary can get right to the major points of the text.

(1 point)





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