Im very confused on this.
List all the numbers from the given set that are: a. Natural numbers, b. Whole numbers, c. Integers, d. Rational numbers, e. Irrational numbers, f. Real numbers. {-3, -2/5, 0, 0.3, ✓3, 5.8, ✓100}
list all the natural numbers from the given set

Would 0 be the only one?

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  1. Note: √100 = 10
    I think they are after
    a) {√100}
    b) {0, √100}
    c) {-3, 0, √100}
    d) {-3, -2/5, 0, 0.3, 5.8, √100}
    e) {√3}
    f) all of them

    If you were trying to pick the ones that were a,b,c,d,e and f, then 0 would not fit, because it is not irrational. In fact you should have recognized that NO number can be both rational and irrational!

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