The Composition of Atoms Quick Check questions and answers
Science 8 A Unit 3: Matter Interactions

A. A model of an atom shows eight electrons in rings that represent different energy levels. How many electrons are in each energy level?

1. four in the first energy level, four in the second energy level
2. eight in the first energy level, zero in the second energy level
3. zero in the first energy level, eight in the second energy level
4. two in the first energy level, six in the second energy level *

B. Which statement about an atom is correct?

1.The neutron has no charge and is found outside of the nucleus
2.The proton has no charge and is found in the nucleus
3.The neutron has a negative charge and is found in the nucleus
4.The electron has a negative charge and is found outside of the nucleus *

C. A student wants to draw a model of an atom. Which statement describes how to find the number of neutrons to include in the model?

1.Subtract the atomic number from the mass number *
2.Add the number of electrons to the number of protons.
3.Subtract the number of electrons from the number of protons.
4.Add the atomic number and the mass number

D. What is the atomic number of an atom?

1. the number of protons *
2. the number of particles outside the nucleus
3. the number of particles in the nucleus
4.the number of neutrons

* = Right answers
This is what I got, hope they help!

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  4. I put the * to show my answers on the questions
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