Sara is selling tickets to a highschool festival. She sold 10 less senior tickets than junior tickets and she sold 3times as many sophomore tickets as junior tickets. Senior tickets cost $3, Junior tickets cost $5, and sophomore tickets cost 7$. sara raised $782. Write an equation to model the situation so that you can find the amount of tickets sold to seniors, juniors, and sophomores.

If someone could lease tell me the answer or help me work it out that would be great.
There is another,

Bill and ted are selling tickets to a white water rafting adventure. They have sold 80 tickets. Bill sold 20 more than half the amount Ted did. Write an equation to model the situation to find how many tickets they each sold.

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  1. These are also supposed to be on variable I am stuck and need help

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  2. just put the words into math. Once you have the equations, you just crank out the solutions. The hard part is coming up with the equations, but they will always give you the information you need.
    So, let's get started. Since senior and sophomore both start with s, let;s use p for sophomore.
    10 less senior tickets than junior ... s = j-10
    3 times as many sophomore tickets as junior ... p = 3j
    Now add upp all the income ... 3s+5j+7p = 782
    So now you just have to solve the equations. Substitution loks like an easy way. Since
    p = 3j and s = j-10, that means that
    3(j-10) + 5j + 7(3j) = 782
    j = 28
    So, there were 28 juniors, 84 sophomores, 18 seniors

    Now for the 2nd one.
    b+t = 80
    b = 20 + t/2
    Now just finish it off

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  3. Thank you so much oobleck

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  4. You're welcome. No need to fear word problems. Just take a deep breath and write down each piece of relevant information. Sometimes they toss in stuff that doesn't matter, just to confuse you.

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  5. Next time ill use what you told me

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