Matter Grade 3

I have to give an ex of a solid, liquid and gas and write a sentence telling what I know about the shape and volume of each. My ex for solid is rock;liquid is juice and gas is air. How would I make sentences describing shape and vol. For rock i did: The shape & volume of a rock will stay the same if you put it in a box. I am not sure if that is right. For juice I want to put: A quart of juice has more volume than a cup of juice but each one will have the same shape of the containers they are in. FOr air: not sure what to write. Do you think these would be good sentence for describing the shape and volume in one sentence or could you help me do better?? THanks....3 rd grade

Your descriptions are very good. For air, just say that it expands to fill whatever volume it is in.

Thanks and what about the shape of air...that gases have not Air has no shape but will expand to fill whatever volume it is in.

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asked by Jackie

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