language arts

1.What is the purpose of formatting a text?(1 point)

to make the print of the text visually appealing

to provide ways to include more information about the topic

to demonstrate the writer's thoughts during the writing process

to help the reader follow and understand the writer's ideas+++

2.What is the purpose of using headings in text?(1 point)

to make the text visually appealing

to draw attention to important words in the text

to provide stopping points for thinking about the text

to show that a new idea is being introduced+++

3.What is one purpose of informational writing?(1 point)

to tell a story

to persuade readers to do something

to introduce a topic

to explain how to perform a task+++

4. What does it mean to format a text?(1 point)

to make writing logical for the reader

to highlight key words

to arrange and display information+++

to state the central ideas of a text
plz check my awnsers and tell me if im right :) =)

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  1. i submited my test and got 100% if you want to pass use my awnsers. Im not like the others who lie and get u a bad grade so please trust me. =^_^=

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  2. omg thx /\_/\ i just got an A+

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  3. glad i can help u =^-^=

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  4. As sus as all of this was this person is correct! I checked over my answers and would have gotten one wrong. Ty!☘🥝

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  5. What the answer mannnnn

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  6. He just wrote the test out he didn’t even give the answers🤦

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  7. yes he did there is +++++ by the anwsers and they are correct

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  8. I have a quick check -_- *sigh*

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  9. What is a common way for an author to introduce an important idea or central concept?(1 point) by starting with an interesting fact or detail about the topic by illustrating different features or components of a topic by elaborating through adding details about the topic by providing anecdotes showing examples connected to the topic

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  10. Bro I have a practice everdays heros unit review practice and their are 15 questions
    Btw its connections academy
    I need help plz

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  11. What is the purpose of adding graphics and multimedia to informational texts?(1 point)

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