1 If a heavy semi truck with a mass of 20,000 kg collides with smaller two door car that has a mass of 5000 kg. Which of the following statements is true?

a. The truck experiences more force than the car

b. The car experiences more force than the truck***

c. Both the truck and car experience the same amount of force

d. The difference in forces experienced by the car and the truck depend on which is moving faster

2 Under what situation can an object experience multiple forces, but yet experience no acceleration

a. An object can experience multiple forces, so long as the net force is zero

b. An object can experience multiple forces, so long as they all act in the same direction

c. An object can experience multiple forces, so long as the mass is proportional***

d. An object can experience multiple forces, so long as they are all the same type of force

*** = my answer

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  1. 1. Newton's Third Law - reaction equal and opposite to action

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  2. 2. net force zero yields no accelerration

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  3. bruh wth are these answers

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