Which statement makes an accurate comparison of the Native Americans' viewpoint of land ownership with the Europeans' viewpoint?

A. Both the Native Americans and the Europeans believed that land ownership was a right given to each adult by their birth.

B. The Native Americans believed that land could never be owned by any human while the Europeans believed humans could buy and sell land.

C. Both the Europeans and the Native Americans believed that it was impossible to own land because it was owned by everybody on Earth.

D. Both the Europeans and Native Americans believed that owning land was a sign of wealth and freedom.

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  1. You have four choices.
    Three of them begin with the word "Both".
    You would not have been asked the question if the indigenous people agreed with the capitalist settlers from Europe.

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  3. 1- B. The Native Americans believed that land could never be owned by any human while the Europeans believed humans could buy and sell land.

    2-C. "Broken Promises" refers to the many times U.S. presidents and other government officials assured the Native Americans that they could keep their land but made plans to remove the Native Americans.

    3- D. the numerous conflicts between the various Native American tribes and the settlers over land

    your welcome i hope this was helpful.

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  4. Thanks @yourwelcome I got a 100% :)

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