Science - "Cells" Unit test Answers

For my connexus friends, Here is an (almost) entire sheet for the Cells unit test.

1. No, viruses are not alive because they rely on a host organism to be able to reproduce.
2. reproduction
3. chloroplast
4. Both plant cells and animal cells have flexible plasma membranes.
5. mitochondrion
6. It helps recognize other cells.
7. It helps unicellular organisms move.
8. photosynthesis
9. Leaf cells have chloroplasts, but root cells do not.
11. I cannot give an exact text answer because i already took this test, But write something about how animals have skeletons and how they dont need the ridgity a cell wall/central vacuole provides a plant.

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  1. if you are in conexxus B.B is right

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  2. Does anybody know the answers for the 2020 bio fall benchmark test for

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  3. Pizza help

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