Science -- Body Systems

For my connexus friends, Here is the entire answer sheet to the 3rd unit science test. Enjoy.

(Exact test title: Unit 3: Body Systems)

1. blood cells
2. Both interact with nutrients.
3. cell → tissue → organ → organ system → organism
4. Bones provide shape to the body.
5. Increased carbon dioxide in the cells.
6. ureter
7. mouth and stomach
8. dendrites in your sensory neurons
9. cell body
10. The ice cream is cold.
11. Her pupils shrink because the muscles contract.
12. Nerve tissue is found in the retina, the rods and cones at the back of the eye.
13. Their thick fur retains heat.
14. A lizard is cold, and it moves to a sunny rock to warm up.
15. Write something about light hitting the eye and the pupil shrinking due to the muscle contracting. I cannot give an exact text answer,
but just write something like that.

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  1. I dont think we are in the same grade but Im saving these for next year if this comes up

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  2. nothing like a little proactive cheating, right?

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  3. Everyone's cheating anyway. It's faster and more efficient to just post this for future students so they dont sit there copy and pasting every question into google.

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  4. First, not everyone cheats. Second, it's not more efficient if one considers the risk in getting wrong answers. But the MAIN problem is that the cheater doesn't learn anything. One of these days all of these cheaters will be out in the world looking for a job. One week on the job and they will be terminated because they don't have a clue what they're doing. In the end they find they have no skills except sponging off others so they take to crime and that leads to prison where they get free breakfasts, free lunches, free dinners, free lodging, free entertainment, even free education. When they die they get free burial. Man, you have it figured out. What a great life you'll have. But I must say I don't envy you. I sure am glad I didn't cheat my way through a Ph. D. Otherwise, I might be in the cell next to you someday. Cheers.

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  5. Why try and prison break when hard time is totally great?

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  6. Sometimes cheating can be really amazing.

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  7. Can someone help me with the science unit 2 test- (connexus academy)

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