calculate the number of grams of glycerol, C3H5(OH)3 (MW=92.1 g/mol), that must be dissolved in 520 grams of water to raise the boiling point to 102.00 degrees Celsius.

this whole chapter really lost me.

delta T = Kb*molality
delta T = 2 degrees.
Kb = boiling point elevation constant.
molality = calculate
Then convert molality to grams glycerol.

thanks, but what is MW in the question? is that just etra info to throw me off?

No, it isn't an extra and you must use it. After calculating molality, then you must determine the grams glycerol in 520 g H2O to make that molarity.
kg soln x molality x molar mass = grams

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asked by chris
  1. Right

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