A market analyst creates a taste test to be conducted in a local shopping mall. The experiment asks 500 participants to select which of 2 soft drinks they prefer. The drinks are the same color and in similar cups. Participants record their preferred drink on a ballot and place it in a box. They are not told which drink they select. Based on national sales data, the analyst expects 65% of participants to select Soft Drink B. Of the 500 participants, 72% select Soft Drink B.

What can you conclude about this experiment? Help please !

The analyst expects 325 participants to select Soft Drink B.

The experiment is not binomial because later participants know which drink earlier ones preferred.

The experiment is binomial because there are 2 choices, 500 trials, and each participant is an independent trial.

The analyst expects 275 participants to select Soft Drink A.

There are 140 participants that select Soft Drink A.

The national sales data are accurate in predicting sales of Soft Drink B.

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