1.Which of the following is a true statement
A -8 > -6
B 10 < -12
C -5 > -7 <--------------------- i think
D -9 > 6

2. For questions 2 and 3, order the numbers in each list from lest to greatest

-5, -7,0,-1

A 0, -1,-5,-7
B -1, -5, -7
C -7,-1, -5, 0
D -7, -5, -1, 0 <------------------------- i think

3.For questions 2 and 3, order the numbers in each list from lest to greatest

0,|-14|,13, -12, |-16|,17

A -16, -14,13, -12,0, 17
B -12, 0,13, 14,16,17
C -12, -14, -16, 0, 13,17
D 0, -12, 13, 14, 16, 17 <---------------- i think

4. Which number is the farthest to the right on a number line?

A -15 <---------------------------- i think
B -1
C 0
D 1

5. Find |-5|

A -5
B 5
C 1/5 <---------------------- i think
D - 1/5


cause I want all A+'s in my classes

please please help

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  1. #1,2 ok
    #3 B Look closely
    #4D negative is to the left
    #5 B
    |x| = x if x >= 0
    |x| = -x if x < 0
    That is, |x| is always positive or zero

    Looks like you have some reviewing to do.

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  2. thank you oobleck

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