Which option means “a group of words that has a subject and a predicate and is a complete sentence”?(1 point)

A.dependent clause
B.noun phrase
C.prepositional phrase
D.independent clause****

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  1. Correct.

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  2. Which sentence includes a dependent clause?
    1. Today is her 16th birthday.
    2. She smiled as she opened the package.
    3.The package was heavy.****
    4.It was a fancy hat!

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  3. my mom will ground me for 2 months if i get one of my questions wrong so i really need someone to check over my answer my mom won't help me.

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  4. You were wrong. The answer is option 2, She smiled as she opened the package.

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  5. 1. C. She smiled as she opened the package.
    2. C. Independent Clause.
    3. C. When we get to school in the morning...
    4. D. The words, phrases, and clauses...
    I got 100%, I hope this helps!

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  6. :) is right but for me thanks!

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  7. :) is 100% correct, thanks!

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  8. :) is 100% correct

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  10. Wow sometimes they answers are in a different order, that's why he put what option the answer was but he also wrote it out.

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  11. E, yeah, :) was correct, and i am the real egg �̷̢̨͚͓͔͈̻̤̹͇̟̍̀͜͜�̵̤̌̏͆̐̃̕͝�̷̢̡̖̼̫̠̦͓̯̀̊̎̃̈́̔͋ͅ�̵̧̛̰̭̯̰̻͎͉̿̀͜

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  12. fu :) the answers are caab

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  13. The answers are in a different order now than any of the comments here are. Mine were D,B,C,B. Also :) was right with all of the answers, just not necessarily the letters so use their answers if you're struggling.

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  14. :) is 10000% correct thank you SOO MUCH😘😘

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