Can some one help me not sure my answers are correct.

1.Which sentence contains a plural collective noun?
A. The team was scheduled to play on Sunday.
B.The visiting team were putting on their uniforms.
C.The audience was ready for the game to begin.
D.The choir was going to sing the National Anthem.

2.Which sentence demonstrates correct subject-verb agreement?(1 point)
A.Where is the students going to weed?
B.Where is the plants growing?
C.Where are the hookup for the hose?
D.Where are the watering cans stored?

3. Use this paragraph to answer the question. All of the residents uses the courtyard daily, so everybody picks up the trash and pulls weeds.
Which change will correct the sentence?(1 point)
A.change All to Some
B.change uses to use
C.change everybody to anybody
D.change picks to pick

4.Which sentence contains a plural collective noun?(1 point)
A.The visiting team were putting on their uniforms.
B.The choir was going to sing the National Anthem.
C.The audience was ready for the game to begin.
D.The team was scheduled to play on Sunday.

5.Which sentence displays correct subject-verb agreement?(1 point)
A.The herd is in the north pasture.B.The herd are milked each morning.
C.The herd remain in the barn.
D.The herd have calves in the spring.

My answers were: A,C,B,D,and B. But i'm not sure they are correct

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  1. 1. No
    2. No
    3. Yes
    4. No
    5. No

    Study subject-verb agreement here:

    Try again.

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  2. the jersey one is correct that is all I can remember sorry I am in seventh grade at connections academy so if you need help webmail me at Krystal Rainwaters

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  3. Which sentence contains a plural collective noun?

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