You are ordering pizzas for a birthday party and getting them delivered to your house. You order 12 pepperoni pizzas, 8 cheese pizzas, and 4 hawaiian pizzas. There is a delivery fee of $5.50. If your total comes to 184.54, how much was each pizza? Assume that all types of pizza cost teh saem amount.

I don't understand how to do it

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  1. 24 pizzas + 5.50 delivery fee = 184.54

    24 p = 179.04

    1 p = 179.04 / 24

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  2. Okay so number 1.
    The answer is 7
    2. 1/2x+1/4x=16
    The answer is 21.3
    3. 6-x-x=18
    The answer is -6
    4. 4x-3/5=2/5
    The answer is 1/4
    5. x-13+4x=22
    The answer is 7
    6. -36=-6(2x-14)
    The answer is 10
    7. 2+x/10=2/5
    The answer is 16
    8. You are ordering pizzas for the birthday party and getting them delivered to your house. You ordered 12 pepperoni pizzas, a cheese pizza, and for Hawaiian pizzas. There is a delivery fee of $5.50. If your total comes to $184.54, how much was each pizza?
    The answer is 7.46.
    I got all of the right!

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  3. Wei yin is right other than the first one is 6

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