When you go out into the sun, the UV light can give you a tan. UV light has a frequency of 7.89 x 1014 Hz. What is the wavelength of UV light?

Please use 3 x 108 m/s for the speed of light (c). You will need to upload a file to show how to solve this problem.

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  1. this is just like your previous post
    v = λf
    so plug in your numbers.

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  2. i really just need the answer :/

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  3. sorry. That's just cheating. But surely you can handle
    3*10^8 = λ * 7.89 * 10^14

    You can be sure that no one will be there to just give you the answer at test time.

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  4. Oobleck, I hope you know this site is literally here to give us answers... you’re defeating the whole purpose of it.

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