What is true of the number 55,555
A. Each digit has value less than the value of the digit time it's right and greater than the value of the digit itself.
B. Each digit has a value 10 times the value of the digit to it's right and 10 times the value of the digit to its left.
C. Each digit has a value 1/10 of the value of the digit to it's right and 10 times the value of the digit to itself
D. Each digit has a value 10 times the value of the digit to it's right and 1/10 of the value of the digit to itself.

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  1. well, the last two digits have value 50 and 5
    so, what do you think

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  2. Um that they both have 5 in 5's

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  3. well, yeah. but let's go a bit further to see which choice is correct.
    The last three digits have values 500, 50, 5
    So you can see that choice D is the one you want.

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  4. kshrih4i

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