1 which property of water allows some lightweight insects to walk on top of a pond and not fall in?
A)adhesion between water molecules creates capillary action
B)cohesion between water molecules creates surface tention
C)cohesion between water molecules creates an uneven charge distribution
D)Adhesion between water molecules and the insect's feet creates a meniscus.
2)which property of water protect fish in a lake from freezing during the winter?
A) water has strong cohesive properties
B) water has high heat capacity
C) water has surface tension
D) water has a neutral pH
3) What is the purpose of a buffer in the body
A to prevent capillary actions
B)to prevent sudden changes in pH
C)to prevent sudden changes in temperature
to prevent the formation of surface tension
4)Which property of carbon atoms is essential to creation of life's molecules?
A)Carbon atoms bond with other carbon atoms
B)Carbon atoms form strong hydrogen bonds
C Carbon atoms are polar molecules
D Carbon atoms buffer solutions
5)how are sugar and starches related
A) sugars are polymers that makes up starches
B) sugars are monomers that makeup starches
C)starches are monomers that make up sugars
D) Starches are polymers that makes up sugars.
6) which of the following can be used to explain why water is able to dissolve many substances?
A) water has strong cohesive properties
B) water has high heat capacity
C)water is a polar molecule
D)water has a neutral pH
7)which of the following has catalytic function function in a cell?
D)nucleic acids
8)which of the following is true of anexergonic chemicalreaction?
A)Reactants lose mass as products are formed
B)Bonds are broken in reactants and new bonds are formed in products.
C) No activation energy is required to initiate it
D)The energy released is captured by a catalyst
9)The following shows a graph of the energy changes taking place as a chemical reaction progresses.if an enzyme is added,which arrow magnitude will charge? will it increase or decrease
A)Arrow a will increase
B)Arrow a will decrease
C)Arrow b will decrease
D)Arrow b will increase
10)which of the following is true of enzyme?
A) it catalyzes a series of reactions
B)it breaks down immediately following the reaction it catalyzes
C)it changes the amount of energy released at the end of a reaction
D)it blinds a single set of substrates.
Help me please

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  1. 1) B
    2) B
    3) B
    4) A
    5) B
    6) C
    7) A
    8) B
    9) C
    10) D

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