The owner of an organic fruit stand also sells nuts. She wants to mix cashews worth $5.50 per pound with peanuts worth $2.30 per pound to get a 1/2 pound mixture that is worth $2.80 per pound. How much of each kind of nut should she include in the mixed bag?

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  1. amount of cashews ---- x lbs
    amount of peanuts = (1/2 - x) lbs

    5.5x + 2.3(1/2-x) = 2.8(1/2)
    5.5x + 1.15 - 2.3x = 1.4
    3.2x = .25
    320x = 25
    x = 25/320 lbs or 5/64 lbs of cashews

    She needs 5/64 lbs of cashews and
    27/64 lbs of peanuts.

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