For a special dinner, you are gonna make a soup composed basically by 1350 cm^3 of water, with the addition of 240 cm^3 of whisky (ethyl alcohol content 50% + 50% water) when it's starts to cooking . However, one of the relatives invited can not consume alcohol, but you know that the alcohol content can be evaporate during the heating process.Using energy/mass balance, calculate how much time it would take to lower the alcohol content of the soup to inconspicuous levels.

The process is an open system (pressure = 101325 Pascal)
Cooking Initial temperature : 313,15 K
Whisky Initial temperature : 298,15 K
Ethyl alcohol boiling temperature: 351,52K
Ethyl alcohol Specific Heat(Cp (J/mol*K))=61,3 + (15,6*10^-2) ^T – (8,75*10^-5) * T^2 + (19,8*10^-9) * T^3
Water Specific Heat (Cp) = 4.186 joule/gram
External data like ethyl alcohol enthalpy of vaporization / enthalpy of saturated liquid can be used if necessary

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