Note: You will need to use VerilUOC_Desktop to answer this question. Please, complete the module "VerilUOC_Desktop tools", inside this week 2, before performing this exercise.

Minimize the Boolean function as a sum of products of literals:



Instructions to answer this question

1) In the virtual machine, open VerilUOC_Desktop, click on “Simulate”->”Verification” and then click on the BoolMin tab.

2) In "Module", select "Graded Exercises" and click on exercise 2.3.b. Enter the minimized Boolean expression.

3) BoolMin returns a 4 uppercase letters code. Type it in the answer box.

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  1. Please note that no one here knows what VerilUOC_Desktop is or even has the book or program.

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  2. a+b+c

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