4. A microwave oven uses an electronic device called a magnetron to produce microwaves. Microwaves
commonly used in ovens have a frequency of 2,450 MHz. (MHz = 106 Hz) The microwaves then pass into
the enclosed metal oven cavity where they are reflected around the oven walls and absorbed by food or drink placed in the oven. This is how microwave ovens heat food.

a. What is the wavelength of the microwaves used in this microwave oven?
b. What is the energy per quantum of this microwave oven?
c. How many quanta of 2,450 MHz.microwave energy are in 1.00 J of energy

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  1. a. wavelength = speed of light / frequency = (3E10 cm/s) / 2.45E9 hz

    b. energy = frequency * Planck's constant

    c. divide 1.00 J by the result in b.

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  2. What is Planck's constant?

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  3. 6.62607004 × 10-34 m2 kg / s

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