Social Studies

The Draft in the North The Draft in the South
• established in March 1863 • established in April 1862
• applied to white men aged 20 to 45 • applied to white men aged 18 to 35 (later expanded to men aged 17 to 50)
• avoidable by paying the government $300 • did not apply to men owning at least 20 slaves
• allowed draftees to hire substitutes • allowed draftees to hire substitutes
• did not apply to African Americans, but they could volunteer for service • applied to slaves, beginning in 1865

Use the information in the chart and your knowledge of social studies to answer the question.

What is the most likely reason that the Union army did not draft African Americans?

The North had a large population so the military did not need more soldiers.

Most African Americans in the North had already volunteered for military service.

Few African Americans lived in the North.

Union leaders feared it would turn northern whites against the war.

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