I know this question has been answered, but I still don't understand. Please help.

The sides of the pentagon are quadrupled, so they are now __ times as large. This means the area is now __ times as large. This is equivalent to an increase of __%.

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  1. This is the third time this question has been answered since yesterday, each time posted by students
    with a different name. Are you just switching names?

  2. I don't understand the solution, can you help me?

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  3. Ok

    The pentagon is made up of 5 equal isosceles triangles with a central angle of 72°, right?
    Each base angle = 52°
    if we let the base = 2, then the height will be:
    tan52 = h/1
    h = tan52
    and the area of one triangle = (1/2)(2)tan52° = tan52
    area of whole pentagon = 5tan52

    so we are quadrupling the base, so the base is now 8
    and the height is 4tan52°
    area of whole pentagon = (1/2)(8)20tan52 = 80tan52

    how many times larger is 80tan52 than 5tan52 ????
    80tan52/(5tan52) = 16

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