Labels for Illustration of the Life Cycle of an Average Star You are making an illustration of the life cycle of an average star and the life cycle of a massive star as part of a computer animation. Drag each item to indicate whether it is a label for an average star or a massive star. Some labels may be used more than once. (2 points)
Labels for Illustration of the Life Cycle of an Average Star

Labels for Illustration of the Life Cycle of a Massive Star

1 black hole 2 neutron star 3 planetary nebula 4 red giant 5 super red giant 6 supernova 7 white dwarf 8 nebula 9 average star 10 massive star 11 protostar

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  1. Labels for Illustration of the Life Cycle of an Average Star: White Drawf, Average Star, Nebula
    Labels for Illustration of the Life Cycle of a Massive Star: Neutron Star, Black hole
    that's all got chief
    For connexus, PA

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  2. My bad: Average Star: Planetary Nebula, Red Giant, White Drawf, Nebula, Average Staf, protostar
    Massive Star: black hole, neutron star, super red giant, supernova, nebula, massive star, protostar

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