Examine the scenario.

A stream of positively-charged particles is moving to the left in a magnetic field. The particles experience an upward force.

Which choice most accurately describes the effect on the magnetic field on a stream of negatively-charged particles moving to the left?

a)A magnetic field influences the motion of charged particles. The negatively-charged particles will experience force acting against their motion, so the negatively-charged particles would slow down and stop moving.
b)A magnetic field does not influence the motion of negatively-charged particles. The particles would continue to move to the left.
c)A magnetic field influences the motion of charged particles. The negatively-charged particles will experience a force upward because positive and negative particles would experience a force in the same direction.
d)A magnetic field influences the motion of charged particles. The negatively-charged particles will experience a force downward because positive and negative particles would experience forces in opposite directions.

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  1. F = q * V cross B
    If you reverse the sign of the charge q you reverse the direction of the force F.

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