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4. PART A: Which of the following best identifies a theme in the text? This is for the story the golden touch By Nathaniel Hawthorne
A. Greed can have dire consequences.
B. Love others more than you love yourself.
C. Nature should be valued over riches.
D. Too much pride makes a person unpopular.

I think the answer is A

PART B: Which quote best supports the answer to Part A?
A. “All the beautiful roses, that smelled so sweetly and had so many lovely blushes, are blighted and spoilt!” (Paragraph 40)
B. “‘Ah, dear child,’ groaned Midas, dolefully, ‘I don’t know what is to become of your poor father!’” (Paragraph 55)
C. “…Have I not faithfully kept my promise with you? Have you not everything that your heart desired?” (Paragraph 69)
D. “Gold is not everything,” answered Midas. “And I have lost all that my heart really cared for.” (Paragraph 70)
I am having difficulty choosing between A or D if I did do part A right

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  1. The answer is A

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