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Saturday, June 18
The zoo! I visited the zoo with mom today. It’s the same zoo with mom
Today. It’s the same zoo she visited with her Mom. Mom said she remembers that the first thing you would see was a cage with two Siberian tigers in it. But now the tigers have a new home, a huge area about the size of three football fields. They need it – they are huge themselves. One of the tigers weighs more than 600 pounds! They are my absolute favorite animals there. Go the web and find some images of the, you’ll understand.
We couldn’t see everything in just one day, and luckily Mom and I both like the same animals. That means no snakes or insects! I always say I like all animals, so I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I prefer the furry, cuddly ones (but when a tiger looks you in the eye, you know it isn’t very cuddly).
There were elephants (cuddly?) and giraffes! Hippos! Monkeys of all kinds! I started wondering where they all came from, and how they liked it here. I talked to some zookeepers. I guess it’s obvious, but they all love animals, too. They take good care of them and know each one’s personality. But I couldn’t help noticing a sad look in some of the animals’ eyes. And they seemed defeated.
I can go jogging all around the pond and across the park, and then go with Mom to our friends way across town just to visit, that’s what I can do. And then come home and go to school the next day. Some of the animals had a faraway look that seemed to say how far they wanted to go, too. One of the keepers told me that a Siberian tiger (I know, I can’t stop talking about those giant cats) can travel over 600 miles. Well, that’s a long way away from the zoo.
So, I had a mixed experience. I loved seeing the animals, but I felt bad for some of them because they couldn’t be themselves. I know, that’s just me thinking I know what an animal would feel. But here’s what I think: If you put me in a big apartment with everything I might need, it would be great. For a day or two. And then I would want to go and do the things I do every day and be myself. That’s what this blog is all about.
3c.)List some critical statements Sonia makes about the zoo.
Please help me!

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  1. No one will do your assignment for you.

    But if you post what you write, someone may check your thinking.

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