1. Which word best describes the action in the picture.

A saber
B pedir
C crear
D enviar

2. Which sentence best describes the picture?

A Toman un curso
B Graban un disco compacto
C Tienen mideo
D Bajan una cancion

3. Why was the Kennedy Space Center first created?
A for unmanned space missions
B For missions to Mars
C For the moon missions
D For research of the ozoone

4. What are the schools and organizations in Silicon Valley doing to foster growth for Hispanic and Latino students?

A Offering math programs in the summer
B Offering English classes year-round
C Offering tutoring in science during the weekends
D Offering writing classes in the summer

5. For what was Luis Walter Alverez most known?
A His work on subtomic particles
B His work in marine biology
C His research in the therory of realtivity
D His writings on gravity

6. Which action describes surfing the Internet?

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  1. No pictures.

    If you post what YOU THINK the answers are, someone might be able to check your work.

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  2. Jesus is coming soon repent ⚠️He loves you and wants you it’s never too late until it’s too late give your life to Christ he’s waiting with open arms🙌🏾Y’all have a blessed life i hope all of you are successful‼️

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  3. rnq

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  4. I've been banned for so long😭

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  5. 1. d enviar
    2. a toman un curso
    3. c for the moon missions
    4. a offering math programs in the summer
    5. a his work on subatomic particles
    6. c navegar en la Red
    7. c conocer
    8. b visitar salones de chat
    9. b sirve
    10. d the apollo 17 command module
    11. b california
    12. c cara a cara
    13. a card
    14. d i am familiar with many websites
    15. d las canciones
    16. b ¿Qué te parece?
    17. c Yo no ____ la información
    18. a slide
    19. d conoces
    20. c saben

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  6. . Is correct I got 100%

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  7. all those are right. thank you, youre a blessing

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