AP human geography

The maps show annual orange crop harvests for two different scales of analysis.

-Identify the scale of analysis for the data provided in both maps.
-Orange production is a type of specialty agriculture. Describe ONE characteristic of specialty agriculture.
-Describe the spatial pattern of orange cultivation in Florida.
-Explain ONE barrier to agricultural development that prevents counties in South Florida from producing oranges as a crop.
-Explain ONE barrier to agricultural development that prevents counties in North Florida from producing oranges as a crop.
-In the world map the United States appears to be a large producer of oranges. Explain how the world map misrepresents the scale of production for the cultivation of oranges in the United States.
-Using the maps explain how oranges, as a global food source, are part of a commodity chain within multinational agribusiness corporations.

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  1. No one here will write your assignments for you. However, if you post what you write (no rough drafts, please), someone may be able to critique your thinking and writing for you.

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  3. ap human is not very fun, however i like having fun in bed... take a break, go have some fun and watch my newest vid !! <3 8===>8>--<-o

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  4. lol wut are these answers. it's just teachers who limit student's learning. Here's an answer I got from brainly, from user pebbles7944:

    A. The map of World Annual Orange Crop shows a country scale of analysis; The map of Florida Annual Orange Crop shows a county scale of analysis.

    B. Specialty agriculture refers to the production of fruits, nuts, vegetables, heirloom varieties of crops or animal breeds, regional foods, culinary herbs and/or spices, and medicinal and/or decorative plants; specialty agriculture is labor-intensive and land-intensive

    C. Orange production is concentrated in central Florida.

    D. Orange cultivation is prevented or replaced by urban and/or suburban land development; Orange cultivation is not suited to wetland environments

    E. Orange cultivation is limited to frost-free areas without freezing temperatures; Clay soils or poorly drained soils may limit cultivation.

    F. Although oranges are only grown in some parts of the United States, the world map categorizes the entire country as a top global producer of oranges.

    G. Orange juice is concentrated and frozen for shipment and sale; Orange peels are processed for use in fragrances, teas, essential oils, cleaning agents, and skin-care products; Oranges are used to produce vitamin C supplements and vitamin C enrichment for other foods; Oranges are produced in many global locations with harvesting at different times of the year so that fresh fruit can be shipped to consumers throughout the year.

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  5. this is an honor code violation bruh, this is ltierally a test

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  6. hey, thank u so much you’re a kool kid 😎

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  7. are theyre teachers in here discouraging us from finding answers online LMAP

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  8. okok but my favorite part is that all these people saying "do your own work" mustve been searching for the answers to this cuz why else would they be here :T

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