22. The following data are from a study of the number of pounds subjects lost after 3 months on a regimen of 1) only diet and exercise or 2) diet and exercise with a personal trainer or 3) diet and exercise with a support group. You want to determine if there is a statistically significant difference in the amount of weight lost depending on the regimen.

Diet and
Exercise Diet, Exercise,
Personal Trainer Diet, Exercise,
Support Group
4 11 7
6 14 9
12 9 10
5 22 6
8 15 12
7 8 16
10 12 11
17 17 8
4 24 19
12 30 14
9 8 13
5 16 7

a. What statistical test should you perform? ______________________

b. Compute F ____________

c. Is p > or < .05?

d. What is your conclusion regarding the results?

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