(1) Scorpions are becoming a major health problem in many countries throughout the world. (2) Countries that have high mortality rates must have an abundance of scorpions. (3) Although scorpions are a member of the arachnida family and have 8 legs, they differ from spiders in that they have a pair of grasping claws and a venomous stinger on their tails. (4) This venom is so strong that a human is ten times more likely to be killed from a scorpion sting than from a snake bite. (5) If seen out in the wild, scorpions are best left alone and viewed from a distance.

Which sentence from the passage contains flawed reasoning?
Sentence 5
Sentence 4
Sentence 3
Sentence 2

I think it's sentence 3.

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  1. Is this right?

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  2. No, 3 is factual.

    Which sentence is not all fact? Which is a guess?

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  3. oh um. I think it's 2 now because what it says it has a opinion which doesn't make sense i think. Right?

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  4. Yes, 2.

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