In a study of the domestic market share of the three major automobile manufacturers A, B, and C in a certain country, it was found that their current market shares were 60%, 30%, and 10%, respectively. Furthermore, it was found that of the customers who bought a car manufactured by A, 75% would again buy a car manufactured by A, 15% would buy a car manufactured by B, and 10% would buy a car manufactured by C. Of the customers who bought a car manufactured by B, 90% would again buy a car manufactured by B, whereas 5% each would buy cars manufactured by A and C. Finally, of the customers who bought a car manufactured by C, 85% would again buy a car manufactured by C, 5% would buy a car manufactured by A, and 10% would buy a car manufactured by B. Assuming that these sentiments reflect the buying habits of customers in the future, determine the market share that will be held by each manufacturer after the next two model years

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