A 12 V car battery is found to be capable of storing 2.00 kWh of electrical energy. For a certain electric car, it is necessary to develop 1.00 x 104 W of power to drive at 5.56 m/s.
(a) Suppose that the car has 10 such batteries which results in 10 times the energy. How long (in hours) could it run if all 10 of them released all of their energy?
(b) How far (in kilometers) can the car go on its 10 batteries if they are fully charged?

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  1. a. Energy stored = 10 * 2kWh = 20 kWh.
    1.00*10^4 W. = 10.*10^3 W. = 10kW.
    10*h = 20
    h = 2 hours. = 7200 s.

    b. d = V*T = 5.56 * 7200 = 40,032 m. = 40.03 km.

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