A distance of 12km is represented by a length of 4cm on a map.Given that the scale of the map is 1:n,find the a)value of n b)actual area in hectares of a field on the map with an area of 32cm^2

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  1. 4cm/12km=1cm/nkm or
    area: 1cm^2=9km^2=900 hectacres

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  2. Am not really getting the last part

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  3. scale:
    4 cm : 12 km
    4 cm : 12000 m
    4 cm : 1200000 cm
    1 : 300,000 <----- scale without units

    for that scale:
    1 cm : 3,000 m
    1 cm^2 : 9,000,000 m^2
    32 cm^2 : 288,000,000 m^2
    we know 1 hectare = 100 m by 100 m or 10,000 m^2
    so 288,000,000 m^2 = 288,000,000/10,000 hectares
    = 28,800 hectares

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