I posted this question yesterday and I
got confused.

The determinant of total energy requirement that may most appropriately
be manipulated in a weight loss program

1. basal metabolic rate
2. physical activity
3. dietary thermogensis
4. body temperature

Is the correct answer #1
basal metabolic rate?

No. you cannot manipulate that. You can however, change physical activity.

I asked you yesterday if the right answer would maybe be 2 or 3.
The right answer is physical activity?

Lana, I don't know what your question means. Bobpursley clearly stated that 2 (physical activity) is the answer, right?


I recommend you reread what I posted yesterday, and today. There are some serious reading comprehension issues going on here.
Do you understand 1 and 3? You really ought to understand those and why they are wrong. Basal means basal: life functions. Thermogenesis? You need to understand how that is related to basal metabolism also. One cannot change basal metabolism unless one stops breathing.

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asked by Lana

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