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1. ted, Eric's supervisor, needs to set up a performance appraisal for Eric. ted is gathering documentation and reviewing his calendar for availability. which step is this in the performance appraisal process.
A. scheduling the appraisal in advance
B.Creating a supportive environment
C.describing the appraisal purpose involving the employee
D.involving the employee in the process
2. Feline, a supervisor, is conducting a performance appraisal for her employee. Of the following steps in the performance appraisal process, which comes first? both positive and negative feedback
B.creating a supportive environment
C.involving the employee in the process
D.describing the appraisal purpose
3. Connie is counseling her employee Karen about poor work performance. Karen is explaining what is causing her poor performance. With which step of the counseling process are they engaged?
A.listening to the employee
B.identifying to the employee
C.clarifying alternatives
D. agreeing on an action plan
4. to be effective, work duties and exceptions should be expressed to an employee.
A. immediately before the employee
B. after the employee is terminated
C.during a performance appraisal
D. at the beginning of employment
5. Larry has an employee who is not performing well, so he schedules time to counsel the employee. what is the first step when counseling an employee.
A.listen to the employee
B.clarify the know alternatives
C.during a performance appraisal
D.come to a resolution
6. By supplementing supervisory appraisals with peer evaluation, a supervisor can be the appraisal process.
A.more accurate.
B.less accurate.
C.more time-consuming
7. During a low sales quarter, John met with a disgruntled client and was able to reconcile the relationship, boosting her department's profits. During the annual performance review, John's boss uses this event as an example of a(n)
A. adjective scale.
B.critical incident
C.behavioral rating
D. checklist event
8. Paul is in a performance appraisal meeting with his supervisor ted. Ted is about to wrap up the performance appraisal. which step comes at the end of the performance appraisal process?
A. supporting your evaluation with examples
B.generating a development plan positive and negative feedback
D.ensuring that employees understand

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  1. Good grief!! An entire test and not a thought of your own?

    Someone here might be able to check what YOU THINK if you post YOUR answers.

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  2. Shut up

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