90 students were surveyed about their favorite subject in school between math and social studies. How many students chose only math as their favorite subject? (3 points)

idk what to do for this question. i need help asap!!!! plz and ty

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  1. Is there anything that shows the results of the survey? Like a chart/graph or something? It's got to have something like that.

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  2. It said: 90 students were surveyed about their favorite subject in school between math and social studies. How many students chose only math as their favorite subject? (3 points).
    The chart is: (Social Studies: 32) (20) (Math:)
    I tried my best to do the two circles surrounding them.

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  3. I was guessing 38 but if that's wrong I'm sorry.

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  4. It was 38 because I added it up and it equal 90. What I did is I added up the numbers in the circle (32 and 20) and it equaled to 52. I then add 39 but that equaled 91, so I tried again but this time I added 38 and it equaled 90 so therefore it would be 38 students.

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