Which describes how the emergence of capitalism changed society?a)Capitalism created economic opportunities for the middle-class and desire for profits without government interference.
b)Capitalism created better working conditions for the poor and utopian societies in France, Britain, and Spain.
c) Capitalism allowed for the reemergence of the Catholic Church’s oversight d) of European monarchs and social opportunities.
Capitalism resulted in the discovery of heliocentric theory and subsequently the separation of church and state.

I think its b

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  1. How are you defining "capitalism"?

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  2. I think its C

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  3. so what's the answer

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  4. For future people, the correct answer is capitalism created economic opportunities for the middle-class and desire for profits without government interference. So A

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  5. thanks

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  6. its A on primavera

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  7. ye ye

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