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A main aspect of a global economy focuses on
unemployment within a country.
trade relationships among many nations.
advertising from local businesses natural resources in a nation.***

Since The United States has Joined the global economy, Utahns have become less
politically motivated.

Two careers that are still prevalent in utah today are
cotton farming and diamond mining.
racing and fishing.
coal mining and cattle ranching.***
fishing and soybean farming.

If the united states wheat exports drop, the effect on the global economy is that
the prices of wheat goes up.
the price of wheat goes down.
th price of wheat

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  1. the price of wheat does not change.
    the potential for a recession is created.
    I think it goes up.

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  2. Lola? Why are you using a different name? And why didn’t you number these questions?

    I think the first two are incorrect, and the last two are correct.

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  3. 1. Trade relationships among many nations

    2. Self sufficient

    3. Coal mining and cattle ranching

    4. The price of wheat goes up

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