I need help with thisone


((x)/(5x+10))+ ((x-3)/(x+2)) = (7)/(5)

Let's take that first part:


In the denominator, factor out "5" That leaves that part as:


So now we have:
((x)/5(x+2)) + ((x-3)/(x+2)) = 7/5

We can multiply BOTH sides by 5 to leave the first denominator as simply "x+2"

x/x+2 + 5x-15/x+2 = 7

Now, multiply both sides by "x+2" to get a variable out of the denominator:

x+5x-15 = 7(x+2)

Can you get it from there?

To be honest, I spent forever on this question. I don't know why, but I kept coming up with the same wrong answer. I clicked off it and went back to it and it worked this time.

Would love to know what I did wrong before. :)



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