A buffer is prepared using acetic acid, CH3COOH, (a weak acid) and sodium acetate, CH3COONa (which provides acetate ions, the conjugate base), according to the following proportions:

Volume of CH3COOH(aq): 131.0 mL
Concentration of CH3COOH(aq): 1.247 M

Volume of CH3COONa(aq): 118.0 mL
Concentration of CH3COONa(aq): 1.036 M

What is the concentration of the conjugate base, CH3COO-, component in the final buffer solution?

Give your answer in M.

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  1. is this right?
    1.247x131 /1000 = 0.16 mol
    0.16/249 x 1000 = 0.656 M

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  2. It appears to me you've calculated the concn of the acid component. The base is 118 mL of 1.036 M

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  3. 1.036x118 /1000=.12225
    .122/249 x 1000 = .4910

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  4. That looks ok. There is a much easier way, in my opinion, to do this.
    Concn is 1.036 and the initial volume of 118 is diluted to 249 so
    1.036 M x 118 mL/249 mL = 0.491 M final concentration.

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