Consider the equation.
3(x - 2) = 3x - 2
Part A
Determine whether the equation has one solution, no solutions, or an infinite number of solutions. Use words, numbers, and/or symbols to justify your answer.
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I know this equations has no solutions but what are they really wanting to to do and or say

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  1. -6 ≠ -2

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  2. you say you know it has no solutions

    the question wants to know how you know that

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  3. Part B
    Create a linear equation that has one solution. Include the variable on BOTH sides of the equal sign.
    Equation: _______________________________________

    Part C
    Solve your equation from Part B.
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    Answer: ________________

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  4. this is the other part but i am still not understanding it

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  5. A. 3(x-2) = 3x-2
    3x-6 = 3x-2
    3x-3x = 6-2
    0 = 4?.
    No solution.

    B. 6x - 8 = 3x - 2.

    C. 6x-8 = 3x-2
    6x-3x = 8-2
    3x = 6
    X = 2.

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